Frequently asked questions

  • 4 seasons plan

  • Q: My house is over 20 years old… Is there an age limit to be eligible for your maintenance plan?
    A: There is no age limit to our service. While maintenance is preferable from day one, it’s never too late to start. After 20 years, your house may need more work. Accordingly, we can make an action plan based on your budget and your priorities, and develop a work schedule together.

    Q: I have an emergency… Can you help me?
    A: If you are registered in our Four Seasons Maintenance Plan, we’ll be happy to provide you with our 24-hour emergency support service.

    Q: Who do you use for specialized work?
    A: Majordom selects its specialized workforce from the same bank of dependable technical resources that is made available to its clients. This allows us to speed up execution while delivering superior quality. Furthermore, Majordom ensures that all work carried out by third parties meets the requirements and other special requests made by the homeowner.

    Q: How much does the Four Seasons Maintenance Plan cost?
    A: The owner of an average-sized house can expect to pay between $1,800 and $2,500 for the basic annual plan. Other costs may apply depending on special projects; we always submit an estimate and wait for your go-ahead before undertaking work.

    Q: I already have an Abritat warranty for my new home… Do I really need a maintenance plan on top of that?
    A: The warranty doesn’t maintain your residence. Maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility. The Abritat warranty protects you against structural defects and poor workmanship. The Four Seasons Maintenance Plan is the ideal complement because it takes into consideration recommendations found in those kinds of warranty plans, including that of the CMHC.

    Q: Once I’m on the Four Seasons Plan, how do you notify me about your next visits? And do I have to be there?
    A: Majordom provides a precise date for the home visit by notifying you two weeks in advance. Your presence is not required; it is at your complete discretion. We plan the date of the following visit with you.

    Q: My house needs major repair work… Where do I start?
    A: Majordom first establishes a list of priorities and provides an estimate for each job. Then we develop an action plan together.