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  • 4 seasons plan

  • So much to do… So little time… Not necessarily skilled to do the work… And not always in touch with the right resources for the job. Taking care of your home is not an easy task. And yet, real estate deserves a minimum of attention to safeguard its value.

    In light of these concerns, Nancy Isabelle founded Majordom Residential Services Inc. to meet the increasing needs of homeowners. Nancy has over 15 years of experience in managing construction work for upscale residences.

    Up to speed on the latest techniques and materials, Nancy and her team do everything to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to home maintenance, renovations and construction.

    For starters, Nancy will custom-design a maintenance plan for your residence, based on its unique features. As a result, potential problems will be eliminated before they become real, expensive and urgent problems.

    In addition, Nancy offers her long-standing expertise in construction and renovation to help you carry out your home improvement projects.


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